Mar 30, 2016
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Recipe: How to make Crispy Brown Onions

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Recipes: How to make Crispy Brown Onions

Recipes: How to make Crispy Brown Onions


  • Onions sliced as required
  • Oil for deep frying as required


  1. Remove onion peels, half and thinly slice them.
  2. Take a fistful of sliced onions and put them in medium flamed hot oil.
  3. Keep them stirring for an even colour.
  4. Use a strainer to strain out oil.
  5. Put it on a paper.
  6. Spread it on the same paper to remove any excess oil. This is a very important step because it absorbs a lot and makes onions very crispy.
  7. Now take an air tight container, place a new paper at the bottom and put in the prepared onions. Cover the lid and see for yourself that how even after a week the onions remain crisp.
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