Sep 29, 2014
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How To Stay Positive in Negative World

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I recently attended a very informative seminar in Karachi on “How To Stay Positive in Negative World”. It was conducted by Mush Panjwani who was here on a short trip and I luckily got to attend his motivational talk. He is a Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker by profession, residing in Hongkong.

He says in every conversation that one has these days you can sense a feeling of anxiety. People are always moaning and groaning over mundane issues. When asked we are either feeling ok, unhappy about the breakfast egg eaten today as it was slightly brown then usual  or in summers we kvetch about hot weather knowing that summers are always hot. In a potted summary he explained that in order to be happy, you have to train your brain to be happy. He discussed three steps to strive in positivity within ourselves.

1) Gratefulness

Since we are never satisfied with what we posses therefore after attaining the goals our needs move to the next level. So why is it that we are always in a state of discontentment. It is simply because of negative input every instance. But then again this is a problem and problems can be solved. It is to change our thought process. It is to inculcate the positive aspect of every issue. It is to see that glass half full. We can simply start the process of gratefulness when we get up in the morning. We should be thankful that since 150000 people die each day due to circumstances like diseases, old age, famine etc, we were not the chosen ones.

2) Acceptance

Acceptance being the second step towards positivity can also be registered in mind. Every circumstance that we come across is either a problem or a situation. I repeat problems can be solved and situations on the other hand are to be dealt with patience. Lets take an example of being stuck in a traffic jam. Now thats a situation. Situation means you cant help it, just bear it. But our minds are programmed to work the other way. We start complaining the government, we curse the driver ahead of us for not being efficient and so on assuming it will resolve the issue. We do not readily accept or be grateful for not being the person next to us on bike, or the pedestrians reaching for the overloaded bus. This inevitable state can however be utilized positively by calling a loved one, or listening to an audio book or inspirational talk.

3) Act of Kindness

This is the third and most effortless step towards positivity. Here we try to rejuvenate someones day by doing simple acts which maybe nothing for us but leave a stupendous impact on others.

  • Praise your spouse
  • Giveaway unwanted stuff to domestic helpers at home.
  • Send food to your neighbor.
  • Compliment someone is office.
  • Help someone in need.
  • Smile and hug your kids unexpectedly.
  • Surprise your parents with a gift.

If we really want to keep our self motivated towards happiness then reading positive materials should be made a daily routine. I am linking Mush Panjwanis book as well as a book on happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky recommended by him.



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  • A very well written stuff !! Motivational !! Loved the points shared at the end :))

    Mariam mursalan September 29, 2014 5:15 am Reply
    • Thanks Mariam for appreciating my work. This motivates me into writing further and share knowledge that I come across.

      Somaira Khatri October 1, 2014 11:18 pm Reply

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